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Estonian Company Formation

We prepare the company registration documents in E-Business in the most suitable form that your business needs. The registration process is managed by our full-legal assistant and your company will be established in one business day after your digital signature.

(Price includes the state fees!)



Virtual Office + Mailbox Service

The legal address is necessary for your Estonian company. This is the address that can be seen on the Business Register and your company’s official mails will be delivered to this address. We provide a legal address for your company in the city center of Tallinn.

(Mail forwarding service is included in the price!)


per year

Authorized Contact Person Service

An authorized contact person is the first contact used by the authorities for delivering official documents. Companies that do not have residents of the Republic of Estonia among the board members are required to appoint a contact person in Estonia.


per year

VAT Number Registration

If the taxable annual turnover of your company exceeds 40,000 euros per the calendar year, you are required to register the company with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board as a VAT payer. Companies that have an annual turnover of below 40,000 euros should still register as a VAT payer if they plan to buy costly fixed assets or raw materials for manufacturing products or providing services (computers, equipment, production lines etc). Registering as a VAT payer gives you the right to receive from the state refunds of input VAT paid on goods and services. If you want to be a VAT payer we assist you to prepare and submit the application to Estonian Tax and Customs Board.



Monthly Accounting Service

If your company is VAT obligator (annual turnover is more than € 40K) then your company might needs monthly accounting and reporting services. The company has to file VAT and payroll related tax returns even if there have been no payments or transactions. Therefore, monthly reporting service is mandatory for VAT registered companies since they have to submit at least 2 reports to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board on a monthly basis.

If you are not VAT obligator (annual turnover less than 40K) and you don’t pay monthly salaries then you might need only ‘Annual Reporting’ once in a year, not monthly basis.

We provide monthly accounting services to your Estonian company with our professional accountants and tax consultants! Please ask for a custom quote for your business.

from’ 50€

Annual Reporting Service

Submitting an annual report is mandatory for all the companies registered in Estonia. The deadline for annual report is within six months from the end of company’s financial year, so if your company’s financial year ends on 31st December, the due date for submitting the report is 30th June.

The report can be filed electronically via the Company Registration Portal. Please ask for a custom quote for your business.

from’ 250€

once a year

Additional Services

Getting support from us will save you time and money while establishing your business.

Bank Account + MasterCard

We assist you to open bank accounts on alternative online banking platforms for your company and getting a MasterCard for your business.

PayPal Account

We assist you to open a PayPal account for your business and help you to prepare verification documents asked by PayPal for lifting your account limits.

Startup Visa Program

Ask any of your questions about Estonian startup ecosystem and Startup Visa program. We will help you to learn everything with clear, step-by-step instruction.

Payment Gateways

We can help you to find payment gateway solutions that are compatible with your web or mobile applications if you are struggling to charge your clients online.

Service Details

1- Company Formation

Digital Estonia helps holders of an Estonian ID card or e-Residency card and a growing number of EU member states’ ID cards to establish a company without having to go to a notary or some other official. We structure and setup your company that fits the best for your needs and you just sign the application online with your ID card. It is as easy as -ABC.

* Single or multiple founders are possible 
* Postponed payment of share capital
* Fully functional legal entity

Service Details

2- Legal Address + Authorized Contact Person 

If you want to start an Estonian company, your company must have a legal address and authorized local contact person. In that case, Digital Estonia Consulting provides your a legal address in Tallinn city center and becomes your authorized contact for acting as your official representative in Estonia whenever government agencies want your attention for some specific reasons.

* Company’s administrative address for receiving mail
* Updating you same date for any kind of official notification
* Acting as a local contact for Business Register and other public institutions

Service Details

3- Business Banking

After your Estonian Company is registered, you’ll have a chance to apply for opening a bank account in Estonia. We assist you for the entire process of applying to open a bank account. If your application is approved, you can start to use secure EU based business banking.

* EU based business bank account & MasterCard
* Scheduling an appointment before you arrive 
* Secure online banking

Service Details

4- Alternative Banking

To start remotely, we recommend you to setup a payment service provider bank account with fintech companies like Transferwise and Holvi. We assist you the setup your business bank accounts on these platforms after your company is registered.

* EUR, GBP IBANs and MasterCard
* 100% Online, fast and convenient
* Low exchange and money transfer rates

Service Details

5- Accounting & Tax Compliance

We provide 100% customized accounting solutions for your business and it is easy as sending a single email per month for you. Send your files to and we take care the rest.

* Processing of purchase invoices and receipts 
* Salary and dividend payments
* Submitting tax declarations
* Compiling annual and  financial reports 

Service Details

6- Digital Business Consultation

Company registration is the easy task for launching your business. One of our goal and challenge is to find best digital tools for your business that make your business fully compatible with 3rd party solutions, save you money and time. We have broad experience in digital based businesses and it is our passion to solve your business problems. 

* Finding best digital marketing & sales tools for your business
* e-Commerce & Dropshipping consultation
* Payment gateway integration consultation

Service Details