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World-class human capital, unique digital capabilities and a competitive business environment make Estonia a smart location for businesses with global ambitions.

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Hometown of global success stories

With a population of just 1.3 million Estonia produces more successful startups per capita than any other country in Europe. And now, with e-Residency and start-up visa programme, Estonia attracts amazing start-ups from all over the world to run their companies based in Estonia.

Have you wondered about Estonian Mafia?

The term Estonian Mafia (or #estonianmafia on twitter) is an entrepreneurial phenomenon that was coined by the US venture capitalist Dave McClure at a well-known event for tech start-ups, Seedcamp in London.

Because the Estonian Mafia – the owners and managers of the small startup companies started in Estonia with almost no budget – have managed to create a lot of value for their companies in a short amount of time and have stolen several spots in the recently published list of the richest people in Estonia.


Reliable and stable financial system

No income tax for re-invested profits

High-tech systems

Cyber security


Supportive start-up ecosystem

Success stories

Estonia will be the best hub for global success stories


What does Digital Estonia offer to investors?

Sync to ecosystem at one place

Regular updates about start-ups

Local agent that is searching for you

Get notified of all the start-up events

Engage with our network start-ups

Track invested start-ups online in ease


Marc Andreessen, Investor at Andreessen Horowitz

“Few factors get us as excited as Estonian founders!”

Marc Andreessen, Investor at Andreessen Horowitz
Naval Ravikant, Founder @ AngelList

If I see a company coming out of Estonia I am reasonably assured that it will be executed well. For its size, Estonia is generating more high quality startups than you would expect.

Naval Ravikant, Founder @ AngelList

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