How it works?

Step by step starting a business in Estonia

It is as easy as sending an e-mail and 100% customized for you.

1) Apply to e-Residency and get your Estonian ID card

E-residents can establish and manage an Estonian company 100% online. This is the best way to run a trusted location-independent business with minimal cost and hassle-free administration.

If you have not applied and got your digital ID card yet, you can freely ask for a support from us about the process.

Step by step starting a business in Estonia

2) Fill in the company registration form here

Before we customize and setup your company, we’d like to learn some details about you and your business for helping you as much as possible. After you submit the application form, we will review your details and contact you as soon as possible for the confirmation.


3) Pay Online & Sign Online

After confirmation step, we will structure your company and send you a confirmation e-mail and a payment link. After you complete the payment online, you will e-sign your company’s documents online with your digital-ID card for complete the process. You will receive an e-guide that teaches you how to e-sign your application.


Welcome to paperless company management world.

1 business day after the application, your company is ready to run in the clouds.

We will send you an e-guide that teaches you how to check your company documents online, as easy as checking your e-mail box!

Digital Estonia will take care of everything, while you are focusing on your business.