How it works?

Step by step starting a business in Estonia

Have you applied for Estonian e-residency?

E-residents can establish and manage an Estonian company 100% online with a government-issued digital ID-card. This is the best way to run a trusted location-independent business with minimal cost and hassle-free administration.

If you have not applied and got your digital ID card yet we can guide you through the process free of charge.

Step 1: Fill in the application form

Before we start to setup your company, we’d like to learn some details about you and your business. After you submit the application form, we will send you a step-by-step instruction and a registration form to review your details and contact you for completing the KYC procedures in accordance with the money laundering and terrorist financing prevention act. 

Online application form

Step 2: Pay the fees and sign online

Step 2: Pay the fees and sign online

After completing the KYC procedures successfully your company will be ready for the registration. We will setup your company and send you a confirmation e-mail with the payment details. You pay the fees and complete process by signing your company’s documents digitally with your digital-ID card.


In 1 business day after your digital signature, your company will be officially established and ready to run in the clouds.
We will send you an e-guide that shows you how to check your company’s documents online, as easy as checking your e-mail box!