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We are a community of professionals in love with Estonia

The right tools in the right hands at the right time can change the world!

As  humans, we are all  unique and much more extraordinary than we were made to believe.

We have incredible powers that are waiting the right time to unleash itself and make an impact in the universe. 

Thanks to technology,  an unstoppable awakening of humanity is happening in the world and we are becoming  freer and getting  closer to the attainment of our full potentials.

As smart individuals, we are rapidly changing,  however, we can’t still see this renaissance when we look at the bureaucracy. For this reason, so many huge potentials stay hidden, especially when it comes to Entrepreneurship!

Incredible ideas are going to die before they grow, due to the lack of right tools at the needed  time.

Thanks to amazing people who are behind the Estonian e-services, always provide us the right tools to develop our entrepreneurial potentials to the fullest.

And we, at Digital Estonia Consulting, wish to share this innovative tools and our knowledge with Entrepreneurs from all across the globe in order to unravel and unleash their hidden potential for the world to see.

For us, all the hands are the right ones!

We have the right tools and this is the right time for everyone on the planet.

Fırat Baykaldı
Fırat Baykaldı Founder / CEO

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