Advanced Way to Setup Your Internet Business

Advanced Way to Setup Your Internet Business

Digital Estonia helps you establishing your European company 100% online and provides administrative services to run your internet business location independently.

Digital Estonia helps you establishing your European company 100% online and provides administrative services to run your internet business location independently.

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Start your fully-functional internet business with an EU company – from anywhere in the world – without the need for travel. No paperwork! No bank queues! No complexity! Estonia is the most advanced digital society in the world that makes starting an internet business easier to anyone one click at a time.

Remote Company Management

Establish and run your Estonian company remotely anywhere in the world with your government-issued digital ID-card.

Trusted EU Environment

Operate in a transparent business environment of an EU and take advantage of cross border business opportunities.

Low Administrative Costs

Run your EU-based business with lower administrative costs than running in other EU states.

For Startups

Estonia is one of the fastest-growing startup ecosystem in EU where you can launch your startup.

PayPal Business

Access PayPal Business for your e-commerce business after registering an Estonian company.


Collect your ETSY payments to your online banking accounts of your Estonian company.

Amazon Europe

Start selling on Amazon European marketplaces by registering an Estonian company.

App Stores

Sell your mobile applications on App Stores with an Estonian company.


Operate your international dropshipping business with your Estonian company online.

Private Limited Company

Digital Estonia forms a Private Limited Company: Osaühing in Estonian (OÜ) for you that is established officially in 1-business day after your digital signature with your e-Residency card! Fill out our setup form online and we handle the rest.

Easy & Online Setup

Signing up new business in electronic Business takes minutes and in a few hours the company is up and running. The process is done 100% online from anywhere in the world.

Unique Share Capital Rules

The minimum share capital for a ‘Private Limited Company’ is just €2,500 and it can be deferred for up to 10 years. You can choose to pay in and register even more as share capital.

Multiple Shareholders

You can register a Private Limited Company as solo or multiple shareholders and board of the members.

VAT / EORI / DUNS Numbers

You can obtain VAT, EORI and DUNS numbers for your Private Limited Estonian Company to use in your business operations.

Private Limited Company
Online Banking + Mastercard

You can open bank accounts for your Estonian company online via partner banking solutions and get a Mastercard.

Payment Gateways

You can access international payment gateway solutions to charge your clients online on your web/mobile applications.

Virtual Office, Mailbox, Local Contact Person

Digital Estonia provides virtual office, mailbox and local contact person services for your Estonian company.

Accounting, TAX Services

Digital Estonia offers accounting and international tax services for your internet-based business.


Incorporation Process

Day 1

Fill out the pre-application form online. We will send you a step-by-step registration instruction to learn about you and your needs.

Day 2

Pay the fees following the approval of your application. We will setup your company and make it ready for your digital signature.

Day 3

You will end the registration process with your digital signature and your company will be established in 1 business after your e-sign.

Day 9

Apply online to open bank accounts for your company. Usually it takes a week your accounts are verified by the partner banks.

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Customer Reviews

I used to be a graphic designer in my country for long and I had the thoughts on how I could turn my designs into a money-making business. Finally, I found a way to put my designs into some apparels and sell them on ETSY. Owing to this reason, I have tried to contact some individuals who work in the field although they claim that this kind of businesses make no sense without having a reliable payment service such as PayPal and 2checkout. I checked several countries to incorporate and after which I decided to incorporate in Estonia via e-Residency online. Finally, I opened a shop in ETSY.COM where I made 19 sales within a month. I use Holvi for banking that is perfectly working with my shop. I am glad to work with Digital Estonia as they helped me in every step of this process.

U. Sinan Alp
U. Sinan Alp
Appa Boutique OÜ

I am founder of Van Gog App that gathers all the musical experiences in a single channel. While building our startup both in product and team side, we decided to launch somewhere to support our internet business expand globally. We heard a lot about the global reputation of Estonia in startup industry. After learning about the startup visa program, we’ve started to search local consulting companies in Estonia that would help us in relation to our dozens of questions. Digital Estonia offered significant help in addressing our questions. We established our company in Estonia and our startup visa application was approved as well. Now, we are preparing to move Estonia to grow our startup company. We are thankful to Digital Estonia for all of the supports during the process.

Tolga Gündoğdu
Tolga Gündoğdu
Van Gog OÜ

During the course of our research to move HQ from Doha, Qatar to Tallinn, Estonia, we had so many unanswered questions and concerns about such move, until we found Digital Estonia. We arranged for a video call with Mr. Firat and he was very responsive and supportive. He spent several hours with me explaining and answering every question I had without charging any fee at this stage. We have established our company in Estonia and got approved by Startup Visa Program to move to Estonia. Today all our government communication and paperwork are done through Digital Estonia because of the great human touch, transparency and personal attention they give us.

Ahmed Fawzy
Ahmed Fawzy OÜ

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